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Press Release: Seattle Motivational Speaker: NBA All-Star James Donaldson Inspires Audiences at Business Meetings, Athletic Awards Dinners, School Assemblies


Seattle Motivational Speaker: NBA All-Star James Donaldson Inspires Audiences at Business Meetings, Athletic Awards Dinners, School Assemblies

Successful Puget Sound Entrepreneur Shows How to Make It Through a Down Economy with His “Total Team Concept”

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SEATTLE, Aug. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Business leaders who don’t know how to inspire their sales staffs in these difficult times can look to James Donaldson, former NBA All-Star and prominent business leader in the Seattle area.

“You can be all you want to be and do all you set out to do with the proper attitude, game plan, goals, objective, and ‘never say die’ approach,” says Donaldson, an in-demand keynote speaker at business conferences, school assemblies and athletic award dinners. “In good times and bad, patience and working hard will take you to the next level.”

Donaldson pulls examples from his life to inspire others to action. Although he stands at 7-feet, 2-inches tall, success was not a given for Donaldson, who describes himself as a teenager as a “fat, shy, introverted kid, afraid of his own shadow.”

His high school coach showed him that he had potential, but he had to work hard in college and the pros to achieve fame and a 20-year basketball career.

Even as he rose to the heights of professional basketball, Donaldson could see beyond the hardwood. Donaldson opened a chain of physical therapy and training clinics, became active in the community, and even ran for mayor of Seattle in 2009.

“I overcame obstacles, challenges and self-doubt with the help of coaches and mentors along the way,” he says. Today, he gives back by mentoring other small business owners and speaking to Chambers of Commerce.

His speeches cover themes like:

    * Employee motivation. Are your employees feeling unappreciated, unmotivated, less team/more individualistic, overworked and underpaid?
    * What is stress? And how you can stop it from eating you alive?
    * How to set goals and stay on track with your goals in these difficult economic times?
    * Is your athletic performance and health being challenged in our tough economic times? 

His book, “Standing Above the Crowd: Execute Your Game Plan to be the Best You Can Be,” shows how to be a success in whatever career path that you choose, overcoming obstacles, creating a game plan and elevating your game to be the best you can be.

“I’d like to teach everyone how to implement a ‘Total Team Concept’ in everything they do, be it business, athletics, education, mentoring or life,” he said. “Having a ‘Total Team Concept’ is a philosophy of having a positive attitude, common goals and a ‘never say die’ approach.”

His message is scoring points with all kinds of audiences.

“James is a gentleman with heart. He cares deeply about his community and his friends, old and new. James inspired and encouraged me during our 2009 campaigns for local office, and I believe his words, ‘If it’s to be, it’s up to me,’ will inspire others to live their best and stand tall beside him,” said Sally Bagshaw, Seattle City Council.

Students also respond to Donaldson’s inspirational message for youth.

“Thank you for coming to my school today! What you were saying out there was really inspirational,” said Katie Artt, high school student in Washington State.

Sports leaders admire Donaldson as well.

“James Donaldson writes with a world of experience in many different fields. Read, enjoy, and then apply all of his insights and wisdom,” said Pat Williams, Orlando Magic senior vice president.

Business leaders applaud his message.

“James has brought to the Seattle region a passion for excellence and a willingness to lead. His core values of education, motivation, and teamwork come through in his book and through his enduring example of leadership,” said Phil Bussey, President and CEO, Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce.

About James Donaldson

James Donaldson is a Washington State University graduate (’79). After an outstanding basketball career with WSU, he went on to play professional basketball in the NBA with the Seattle Supersonics, San Diego/L.A. Clippers, Dallas Mavericks, New York Knicks, and Utah Jazz. He also played for several teams in the European Leagues in Spain, Italy, and Greece, and he toured with The Harlem Globetrotters. James was an NBA All-Star in 1988.

James established The Donaldson Clinic in January 1990 (shortly after a career-threatening knee injury) with the idea that he would eventually become a physical therapist. He is a strong advocate for Women & Minority owned businesses. He understands what it takes to sustain a strong business environment. He also serves as a coach for other small business owners.

To see James interviewed on television, click here.

For more information about James Donaldson or to request he speak at your event, contact him at JamesD@StandingAboveTheCrowd.com or call 1-800-745-3161.


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