James Donaldson’s Book Review: 17 Lies that Are Holding You Back and the Truth that Will Set You Free by Steve Chandler


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I didn’t think that the simple 17 points that this book made would have the impact that they do… but they do!

Sometimes, simple is better and when it’s pointed out when I say “I don’t have time”, and then helps me to take another look at the statement (lie), it brings about a shift in thinking that you just can’t get away from.

I’m a motivational/inspirational speaker and I’ll be sure to reference this book in my future talks.

  1. It’s who you know:
    1. Truth is; it’s what you do with the relationships, information and people you know.

  1. There is something wrong with me:
    1. Truth is; there’s nothing “wrong” with you.  You convince yourself that there’s something “wrong with you”.

  1. I’m too old for that:
    1. Truth is; as long as you have the interest, passion and physical/mental abilities… you’re never too old (perhaps with some slight modifications) to do anything that you put your mind and abilities to.

  1. I can’t because I’m afraid:
    1. Truth is; “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself”.  Many times we are “fearful” because either we don’t have enough information or we had/heard of a bad experience.

  1. I’d love to do that but I don’t have the time:
    1. Truth is; there’s never enough time!  We all have 24 hours in a day.  Learn to prioritize, don’t procrastinate and go for it if you really want it!  It’s not time that we lack.. it’s commitment.

  1. There’s nothing that I can do:
    1. Truth is; there’s always something that you can do about any and every situation and circumstance.

  1. I worry because I care:
    1. Truth is; you worry because you worry.  If you “cared enough”, you’d do something about it.  If you had more information, you wouldn’t “worry” as much.  Worrying becomes a habit and a substitute for inaction.

  1. I’m sadder now but wiser:
    1. Truth is; sadness can become a “way of being” and people can get so accustomed that it feels safe and natural.  It is neither.

  1. The longer I have a habit the harder it is to break it:
    1. Truth is, habits are learned and they can be unlearned.  Once you have a vision of “what can be” and you want it bad enough, you can change your habits.

  1.  People really upset me:
    1. Truth is, your “upset-ness” can only come from what you think, it can’t be caused by what somebody else thinks.  Once you think correctly enough times that your thoughts are actually what is upsetting you, you’re start thinking differently about why you’re upset.  People don’t have the power to upset you.  

  1.  Winning the lottery would solve everything:
    1. Truth is; winning the lottery might allow you to pay off a few bills or purchase a few nice materials things, but you won’t be “problem free”, you’ll just have a different set of problems.

  1.  They are too beautiful for this:
    1. Truth is; we’re the ones who tend to “put people on pedestals”, and we forget that people are people and that they’re not without their faults.

  1.  You hurt my self-esteem:
    1. Truth is; no one can “hurt your self – esteem”.  People can hurt your feelings, but that’s about it, and those are just feelings if you believe what they say to be true.

  1.  It’s a shame we didn’t capture that on video:
    1. Truth is, if we continue to “live in the past”, we’re going to miss “be present”.  A lot of us stay in our past memories where we might have felt more accomplished, confident or alive.  Leave the memories on video and live your life in the present and to the fullest.

  1.  That’s just the way I am:
    1. Truth is; that’s just the way you want to be.  If you wanted to change, you would.  We tend to hang on to childhood memories that are safe for us to cling to.

  1.  What doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger:
    1. Truth is; when we get strung out on drugs/alcohol or participate in dangerous activities, we miss out on “living life”.  It doesn’t make you stronger if you can’t remember the experiences you’re supposed to be living.

  1.  I’m helpless:
    1. Truth is; you’re not “helpless”, you’re just not thinking of ways of doing things to help yourself.  There’s always “something” that you can do.

I really enjoyed reading this book and highly recommend it to everyone who wants a fuller, richer life.  We all can do it and more importantly, deserve it!


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