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James Donaldson – Standing Above The Crowd Internet Talk Show for The National and International Roundtable – June 19th 2013


Greetings all,

Here’s an internet radio talk show that I did yesterday that I thought that you all might enjoy. Take a listen by clicking on the link below.



James Donaldson

“Keep on Standing Above The Crowd!”

National and International Roundtable, which will feature compelling guests that will enlighten, inform, empower, and educate listeners around the globe. This week’s topic will feature a former NBA All Star, author, motivational speaker, and successful businessman who will share his post NBA business career and experiences in China. Don’t miss it!


Standing at seven foot, two inches tall, James Donaldson stands above the crowd in more ways than physical stature. His stories about making the right choices, overcoming fear and self doubt, and staying resilient and goal focused in the face of tough challenges routinely bring audiences to their feet. Audience members – from business executives to youth groups to guests at major industry conferences — walk away standing taller, thinking more boldly, and believing in unlimited possibilities that they can make happen in their lives and work.

Donaldson is no stranger to overcoming obstacles. Most people would be surprised to learn that he didn’t start playing basketball until he was a junior in high school. His late start in the sport didn’t stop him from becoming top player for Washington State University (’79) and earning a place among NBA All Stars in 1988. His professional basketball career included playing time with the Seattle Supersonics, San Diego/L.A Clippers, Dallas Mavericks, New York Knicks, and Utah Jazz. He also played for several teams in Spain, Italy, and Greece and toured with the Harlem Globetrotters. His dedication to excellence and discipline to practice served to set him apart and earned him a place in the Pac-10 Sports Hall of Fame and the WSU Athletic hall of Fame. In 2010, Donaldson was elected as a board member for the NBA Retired Players Association.

After a career threatening knee injury threatened his NBA career, Donaldson established The Donaldson Clinic in 1990. Today this successful business with a 20+ year track record provides physical therapy services to recovering athletes and others seeking enhanced mobility. In 2009, Donaldson ran for the office of Seattle mayor and came in a strong fourth in a field of eight candidates in the race. Win or lose, Donaldson is well known for his integrity, strong faith, consistency, tireless work ethic, and his positive attitude.

Growing up in Sacramento, CA as the second oldest of four children and the oldest boy, Donaldson learned a powerful lesson about responsibility from his much admired dad. His father – a 20-year a career military officer for the Air Force – took his son aside to let him know that he would be the man of the house while he was away on a business trip. He took his dad’s advice and looked out for his family while he was away. He has held onto that powerful sense of responsibility to this day. “If it is to be, it is up to me” is among his tried and true beliefs and one that he shares readily with audience members who enjoy his popular keynote presentations. Creating win-win-win environments to invite others to reach their true potential is always top priority.

Listeners Instructions:


1. After clicking the above link, you will be taken directly to the show page on Blog Talk Radio. There you will find show information.

2. You can listen to the broadcast from your computer or telephone. If you prefer to listen from your computer, simply click the above link and when the show begins, you can listen live. Option 2: listen by telephone. By dialing 347-884-8042, you can listen to the live broadcast direct from your landline or cell phone. When prompted, please select option 2 (press

3. The National and International Roundtable hosts are MESHOF President Arif Khatib, and Municipal Court Judge Fad Wilson. If you have a comment or question for our guests send an email to meshof1. .

We welcome your email questions during the show to meshof1, and they will be answered over the air "live". You may also visit us at www.afrosportshall.com to send comments about the show or our programs.

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James Donaldson

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Author of Standing Above the Crowd and Professional Keynote Speaker






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