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Standing above the Crowd is a book that will give you fantastic insights about how to “Stand Above the Crowd “versus “Standing out from the Crowd” ….. all without having to be 7 feet tall like your author James Donaldson.

You’ll find in this book that I share a lot of success strategies and how to live a life that will continue to have you standing above the crowd.  I share with you experiences that I’ve had throughout my years as a 20 year professional NBA basketball player, a 30-year owner of a small business, decades of leadership throughout various communities and a recent run towards an elected office in my hometown of Seattle Washington.

I take the approach that anyone can do it if you try and apply yourself ”.  How many times have you found yourself wanting to take advantage of an opportunity that’s right in front of you, only to talk yourself out of it because you don’t think you’re up to the task?  I’m here to tell you, that all successful people have the same thoughts, fears, and apprehensions, but yet the successful ones continue to forge on anyway.  Successful people are not afraid to try and sometimes come up short.  Successful people don’t always bat 100%.  Successful people have many failures that you don’t even hear about before you finally hear about the success that brings them to our attention.

There is an old Yoruba proverb that says: “Your Failures In Life Come From Not Realizing Your Nearness To Success When You Give Up”.  Wow, think of it, how close to success you probably really are when you give up on chasing and achieving your dreams!

You don’t need to be a self-starter and a self-motivated person like myself in order to “Stand above the Crowd”.  All you really need, is a vision, passion, their willingness to sacrifice short-term gain for your long-term goals, and then “stick to it” attitude that keeps your “Eyes on the Prize”.

One thing that you have to remember, is that all of us are essentially the same.  We come into this world as newborns, “bald, wrinkled and toothless” and we exit this world (God willing) “bald, wrinkled and toothless”.  So the question is, how we live our life between point “A”, when we enter, and point “B”, when we exit?

How do you want to live your life?  How do you want to stand above the crowd?  What kind of meaning and significance do you want your life to have?

“Standing above the Crowd” will help you to rise up above life’s dramas, traumas, pettiness, negativity, and dozens more situational issues that tend to keep us down and hold us back from achieving our dream and fulfilling our potential.

I’m a firm believer in that were placed here on this earth to be the best we can be.  If you’re a person of faith like I am, you’ll even see that in Scripture Jesus Christ says he has “come to give us life and to give us life abundantly”.  Is another beautiful thing?  We all deserve so much more, but yet many times we find a way to sabotage it and fall far short of our potential.

When I tell people about the book that I’ve written, “Standing above the Crowd” the first response tends to be, “well that’s easy for you to say, you’re already above the crowd” as they look up at me hopefully in admiration of my physical stature and height.  I quickly add a tagline on to the title and say, “maybe the name of the book should be, Standing above the Crowd…. without having to be 7 feet tall”.  I have fun with the title, and I have fun with everyone who talks about it with me.  But what I want to do, is encourage everyone that they too can stand above the crowd, without having to resort to outrageous tactics that can be embarrassing or damaging to their reputations.  After all, there’s a huge difference between being “famous” and “infamous”.  Both get you a lot of attention but one is a positive thing, and the other is a negative thing.

In this book, you’ll read stories about people I’ve worked with along the way and had tons more talent than I had, and much more physical ability than I could ever wish for, and were way smarter than I could ever hope to be, but I was able to compete alongside with them because of what I call my 3D Approach.

3-D Approach is as simple as remembering these three things and applying them:

  • Desire
  • Dedication
  • Discipline

It can’t get much more simple than that but yet for whatever reason many of us find ourselves coming up a little short (no pun intended).

In Standing above the Crowd, you’ll find helpful advice from the team of wonderful people that I’ve surrounded myself with throughout the years.  I’ve always believed in a team concept approach, because we truly can’t do it alone.

Enjoy your copy of Standing Above the Crowd! 

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