As with many good things, it seems like it’s in our nature to want to share the good stuff with our four-legged buddies. Whether it’s that last bite of steak, or a piece of potato chip, many in the Twin Cities area seem to want to share CBD oil and its benefits with their cats and dogs.

That’s where CBD oil products for pets come in.

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They carry zero percent THC, CBD products for humans as well as pets.

“For pets we’ve got dog treats and cat treats as well,” Loehr said holding up a plastic jar with a white lid. “And we have a tincture for both of them. This one is chicken flavored.”

Loehr said the reason pet owners may seek CBD oil products for their pets may be similar to the reasons they might seek some for themselves.

“My 14-year-old, she’s a chocolate lab and if we miss a dose, she is moaning and groaning that whole time,” Loehr said.

Another interesting point she brings up: animals don’t know anything about the placebo effect. Therefore she said she knows the pain-related behavior change is a real one.

“Last year was a hard winter,” Loehr said. “I don’t think she’d be around if we didn’t have CBD for her.”

During the shoot for this story, I brought my dog Mac along to Calm Waters CBD. While there, he received a sample treat. Loehr said for a 30 lbs dog, two treats– once in the morning and once at night– would be a good dose to start with.

Mac also fears car rides. He was shaking all the way to the store in the back seat. On the way back, I noticed he didn’t shake, at least from what I could observe.

Just like CBD products for people, CBD products that Calm Waters carries is zero percent THC. Loehr said there is no risk of a high or any psychoactive reactions.

The bottom line for CBD products for pets is that it presents itself as an option for you. It’s available– if you ever decide to try it out.