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#JamesDonaldsononCBDOilandBenefits – #CBD Oil Emerging as an Effective Chronic #PainManagement in the Current Time


the bodys endocanabanoid system

Cures for certain illnesses have not yet been discovered, however, what is worse is the pain that comes with some of them. “#Chronicpain” can be loosely defined as one that prevails for more than 12 weeks and refuses to die down. Research has failed to produce any form of medicine that specifically targets it and in some cases, the cause or origin of pain is not identifiable. #CBDoil is quickly emerging to be the most popular drug in the current time, at least when it comes to the alleviation of pain caused by certain diseases.

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Democratic governments have tried, time and again, to drown out the voices of the majority and impose views, that they deem socially acceptable, upon the general populace. This began when the United States banned alcohol (1920-1933) and failed miserably, where ironically gangs and bars (then secret in nature) increased in size and crime rates rose to an all-time high. The lift of the ban brought along with it more progressive policies which gave rise to a flood of new ideas. People were now ready to embrace the very things that had terrified them in the past.

This fits in quite well with the youth culture of that time (the hippie culture) that became popular in the 1960s. “Pot”, for lack of better words, became the drug of the decade. #Celebrities and bands such as #BobMarley and #PinkFloyd (respectively) transformed the nation with their new age ideologies that stemmed from psychedelics, getting “high” and the culture that followed.

However, there did prevail a certain group in society, the thoughts of which did not parallel those of the aforementioned. Mostly Catholics, these people firmly believed in the fact that the youth of the time was destroying the values that the United States was built upon. These groups exist, even today.

Right around the time that marijuana started gaining popularity, people started extracting from the plant in several different ways and experimenting upon themselves in hopes that something would work. Thus emerged medical marijuana, #CBD (#cannabidiol) oil and many other kinds of versions of cannabis that people swore by. This led to massive appeals towards the legalisation of medical marijuana, solely for those that could not live a normal life without it.

Contrary to popular belief, #CBD oil does not contain the ability to get one “high” as it (most of the time) does not contain #THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the chemical that produces the feelings associated with cannabis. It is extracted from the cannabis plant, however, it falls under the category of hemp more so.

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#Pain associated with #arthritis, chemotherapy, nervous system disorders, and many others can be treated with over the counter medication.

Some people, however, experience no difference even after ingesting recommended dosages. They even start experiencing side effects to some extent. #CBDoil serves to alleviate the same pain and uses less aggressive means to do so, all at the same time.

#Cannabidiol is believed to target the #endocannabinoid system within the body. This system is responsible for communication that occurs between cells, part of which affects the way we feel pain.

Most of the studies conducted on animals (such as those in the journal “Pain” in 2017) discovered that ingesting #CBD orally affects pain receptors far less than applying it onto localized areas. Rats with #osteoporosis thus experienced alleviated pain after its administration. Numerous other studies have pointed to the benefits of #CBDoil. More importantly, millions of people around the world swear by it.

Years of wandering from doctor to doctor (quite a few of which refused to believe them) has ended for some as they have resorted to #cannabidiol which has finally served to, at least partially, relieve some of the symptoms of the disease that they were born with and have to, unfortunately, live with for the rest of their life.

The regulation of #cannabidiol manufacturers, however, is necessary as one can never really be sure what goes into the drugs that are bought off the counter and consulting a cannabis expert or doctor is always suggested when one decides to change medication or switch to a new drug, regardless of its nature.

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