Seattle NBA Star James Donaldson becomes Sukarya’s Global Ambassador for Change

Seattle NBA Star #JamesDonaldson has agreed to be the #AmbassadorforGlobalChange for #Sukarya to help raise awareness and funds for #Sukarya’s programs on underprivileged women, children and adolescent girls living in the slums and hard-to-reach villages in the states of Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh.

After being drafted by the #SeattleSuperSonics in the 1979 NBA draft he continued his NBA  league career for 20 years and played for #SanDiego/Clippers, #DallasMavericks, #NewYorkKnicks, and #UtahJazz. During the 1984–85 NBA season, he led the league in field goal percentage at 0.637 — still one of the ten highest percentages in #NBA history.

Donaldson cites #Artis Gilmore, #Darryl Dawkins, #MosesMalone#TruckRobinson and #Maurice Lucas as some of the strongest players he played against early in his career. He left the league in 1995, with 8,203 career points, 7,492 career rebounds and 1,267 career blocks. He played in 957 NBA games without ever attempting a 3-point shot, a record among players from the 3-point era. Upon retiring, Donaldson settled in the Seattle area, where he runs the Donaldson Clinic, a physical therapy business in Mill Creek, Washington. He was also the Director of the Tacoma College Success Foundation in 2010.