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#JamesDonaldson on #MentalHealth – Best Life: Silent Signs To Help With Children’s #MentalHealth

Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels.com

#JamesDonaldson notes:

Welcome to the “next chapter” of my life… being a voice and an advocate for #mentalhealthawarenessandsuicideprevention, especially pertaining to our younger generation of students and student-athletes.

Getting men to speak up and reach out for help and assistance is one of my passions. Us men need to not suffer in silence or drown our sorrows in alcohol, hang out at bars and strip joints, or get involved with drug use.

Having gone through a recent bout of #depression and #suicidalthoughts myself, I realize now, that I can make a huge difference in the lives of so many by sharing my story, and by sharing various resources I come across as I work in this space.  #http://bit.ly/JamesMentalHealthArticle

By Ivanhoe Broadcast News

ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) – #MayisMentalHealthAwarenessMonth and this year as it comes, we may all need a little #mentalhealth help. For most of us, the vaccination and easing of restrictions will be enough to lift our spirits. Others are fighting a deeper demon, especially our #young people.

Although numbers are not out yet for the last year, #suicide is the second leading cause of death in people 10 to 34. Experts believe #youth #suicidalideation, attempt, and completion are on the rise. Even before #schools closed down almost 20 percent of high school #students considered taking their own lives. There are silent signs, signs you may think are just normal #teenager #behavior, that may actually be signs your #teen is in trouble.

“My 8-year-old daughter came downstairs and said Hayden hung himself,” Brad Hunstable, Hayden’s father, told Ivanhoe.

Hayden Hunstable was just four days shy of his 13th birthday when he took his own life. His dad posted this YouTube video to warn other #parents of the impact #socialisolation had on his son.

“I ran upstairs … I tried,” sobbed Hunstable.

Natalie Gillett hid her #depression in high school and was in college when she first had suicidal thoughts.

“She wasn’t going to classes. She was staying in the dark,” Marie Dudek Brown, Natalie’s Mother, shared.

Marie Dudek lost her daughter.

“She was in such pain that in her irrational state of mind, that was a choice she made,” cried Brown.

Now both #parents are shedding the #stigma, speaking out about #suicide. Half of all #mentalillness manifests by age 14, and 75 percent by age 24. It’s important to look for warning signs early. Intense anger or rage, irritability, #hopelessness, withdrawal, losing friendships, and losing interest in things they love. Experts say to talk matter-of-factly about #suicide, allow your #child to express their feelings. Don’t be judgmental and be available for them. Hayden’s dad is working to get the message out through PSA’s.

“I hope nobody has to see what I saw … feel this pain,” sighed Hunstable

Two #parents sharing their story, hoping to save your #child.

If you are in crisis or know someone who is thinking about #suicide, call the #nationalsuicidepreventionlifeline at 1-800-273-talk or text talk to 741-741. You can watch Hayden’s story on a new PSA called Almost Thirteen. You can find it at haydenscorner.org.

Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels.com

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