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#JamesDonaldson on #MentalHealth – #Suicide Rates Climbing In #Young People


Experts say the ongoing #COVID-19 #pandemic has heightened this trend

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#JamesDonaldson notes:

Welcome to the “next chapter” of my life… being a voice and an advocate for #mentalhealthawarenessandsuicideprevention, especially pertaining to our younger generation of students and student-athletes.

Getting men to speak up and reach out for help and assistance is one of my passions. Us men need to not suffer in silence or drown our sorrows in alcohol, hang out at bars and strip joints, or get involved with drug use.

Having gone through a recent bout of #depression and #suicidalthoughts myself, I realize now, that I can make a huge difference in the lives of so many by sharing my story, and by sharing various resources I come across as I work in this space.  #http://bit.ly/JamesMentalHealthArticle

Author: Jordan Adams

BRYAN, Texas — #Suicide rates for those ages 10 to 24 have risen by 50% over the last decades, and some educators are calling the increase a public health crisis…

Some experts say the #pandemic has only heightened their concern. 

The #COVID-19 #pandemic has had a major effect on our lives. Many of us are facing challenges that can be stressful, overwhelming and cause a strong emotion in #adults and #children.

“Based on available data, one in every 11 minutes you have a death by #suicide in the U.S,”  associate professor at the University of Texas Rio Grande valley, Marika Dawkins said.

Dawkins participated in a discussion recently on #youth #suicide and prevention, hosted by the Houston nonprofit #children at risk.

According to the national alliance on #mentalhealth, #suicide is the second leading cause of death for people aged 10-34.

With less access to #socialworkers and #mentalhealth support during the #pandemic, young people across the country need help.

“We have seen a major increase of clients of all ages, and we’ve certainly been kept busy,” Sacha Bradley, Licensed Professional Counselor and  Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at Brazos Valley #MentalHealth, said

90% of people who die by #suicide have experienced symptoms of a #mentalhealthcondition according to the #NAMI.

Loved ones, friends, and even complete strangers. We must look out for one another.

“When we think about #mentalhealthcare, we have to realize that we are all stakeholders in the process,” Dawkins said” Meaning everyone has a key role to play.”

The feeling of rejection, #isolation and helplessness are all risk factors Dawkins says.

If you are going through anything like this, reach out. You don’t have to be alone.

Brazos Valley #mentalhealth and wellness has three locations in total, with one in Bryan, Brenham, and College Station. For more information head over to www.brazosvalleymentalhealth.com.

If you or someone you know is struggling or in crisis, you are not alone. Call the #NationalSuicidePreventionLifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

woman in blue crew neck t shirt raising her hands
Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

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