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Finally!!! What took you so long Mayor Durkan?!

I was up at CHOP this morning on Capitol Hill in Seattle. I had to see for myself that the CHOP zone was finally being dismantled. This is what I’ve been caling for over the last several days/weeks. It’s gone on far too long. Mayor Durkan, you’ve got blood on your hands! Two young African […]

Mayor Durkan, you’ve lost Seattle.

This lame statement you released last night and weak press conference you held today, regarding the CHOP shooting(s) shows just how little you’re in charge of Seattle. (Police Chief Carmen Best, and Fire Chief Harold Scoggins, are both friends of mine, and I support them thoroughly. Yet I fear you’re going to throw one, or […]

Mayor Jenny Durkan is MIA!

Roughly 36 hours ago, in the infamous CHOP/CHAZ area on Capitol Hill, there was a shooting. One person died and one is still at Harborview. This is what we have all been fearing when neighborhoods are called upon to “police themselves,” and our first responders cannot do their jobs. So far, there has been nothing […]

Mayor Durkan: Lead…or get out of the way.

I don’t recognize the city I’ve lived in for 40 years. City Hall has been overrun by hundreds, demanding our mayor be ousted. Capitol Hill has been transformed into a no-police “autonomous zone.” Graffiti has defaced my beloved town’s buildings, its sidewalks, and shops. What has happened to the city on whose Supersonics team I […]


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