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#JamesDonaldsononCBDOilandBenefits – Why Should You Use #CBDOil for #Sleep?

By Maggie Novak A personal note from James: I have sleep apnea, and use one of those hideous face masks when I sleep. When I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, I found that I was having 29 events per hour (30 events per hour is considered very dangerous, and what probably contributed to my heart […]

James Donaldson on CBD Oil and Benefits – CBD And Insomnia

Along with pain relief, a much greater quality of sleep has been one of the most noticeable benefits I’ve realized. It’s been wonderful! I have to sleep with a CPAP machine, so I track my sleeping patterns every night. The CPAP machine requires me to wear it at least 7 hours for me to get […]

James Donaldson on CBD Oil and Benefits – How to Use CBD Oil to Put Insomnia to Bed

How can CBD oil help with insomnia? Here are a few of the benefits because sometimes counting sheep can only get you so far LISA FELEPCHUK Updated: February 14, 2019 Insomnia is no joke. Tossing in bed from one position to the next—left side, belly, right side, back to belly again—is enough to drive a […]

James Donaldson on CBD Oil and Benefits – What Happened When I Tried CBD for My Anxiety

CBD Oil has been doing wonders for me (better sleep quality, reduced joint pain, etc.) and I’ve been very happy with the results so far. I am sure to use the high-quality CBD Oils, which is very important to do and to know the difference. Contact me if you have any questions. Here’s everything you […]

James Donaldson on CBD Oil and Benefits – CBD AND INSOMNIA

One of the immediate benefits I noticed from CBD Oil is my very much increased quality of sleep. I normally get by on 6 – 7 hours of sleep, but now because perhaps my body needs it, or it’s just a better quality of sleep, I find myself regularly getting 8, 9 and sometimes even […]

James Donaldson’s Book Review – The Melatonin Miracle: Nature’ Disease-Fighting, Sex-Enhancing, Age-Reversing Hormone by Walter Pierpaoli

Melatonin is created by the pineal gland during our sleep. Melatonin is a hormone, and as with most hormones, they give signals to cells on how the cells are supposed to engage and react. Typical dose amounts would be from one half milligram – 5 mg daily. It is very effective at very low dosages. […]


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