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#JamesDonaldson on #MentalHealth – #SuicidePrevention: We’re #AllInThisTogether

SHARON L. BLACK #Suicideprevention is everyone’s job. It’s the role of faith-based communities, individuals, groups, organizations and communities. We all must spread awareness, offer hope and know that recovery is possible. Every 12 minutes a person dies from #suicide in the #UnitedStates. That means someone’s brother, sister, mother, dad or loved one. Further, the #suicide […]

#JamesDonaldsononMentalHealth – Why I Created a #MentalHealth App for #AfricanAmericans

Jasmin Pierre is an author and mental health advocate who became an activist after surviving suicide attempts. After her own recovery, Pierre focused on spreading awareness about mental health in the black community. She created an app, The Safe Place, to do just that. May is #MentalHealthAwareness Month. Here, Pierre shares her own experience and how that motivates […]

#JamesDonaldsononMentalHealth – #MarkRypien: We Need to be Talking With our #Sons and #Daughters

By JAMEY VINNICK  #MarkRypien at this spring’s #CougsFirst! QB Classic in #Pullman. (Photo: Cougfan.com/Whittney Thornton) #PULLMAN — Mark Rypien, the old #Cougar quarterback, and Super Bowl MVP, is as personable as ever and relaxed as he chats between holes at the first-ever CougsFirst! QB Classic on a sunny spring day at Palouse Ridge Golf Club. He hits monster drives and […]

#JamesDonaldsononMentalHealth – Talking About #Suicide and Why it Can Help

Mary Ann Heath The events of one hot July day the summer before my senior year of high school are etched into my memory alongside other milestone events like my high school graduation, wedding and even the birth of my two children. But, it started out no different than any other day. I got up […]

#JamesDonaldsononMentalHealth – #Suicide Rates Among Young Americans on the Rise, Especially #Girls

 #JamesDonaldson notes: Welcome to the “next chapter” of my life… being a voice and an advocate for #mentalhealthawarenessandsuicideprevention, especially pertaining to our younger generation of students and student-athletes. Getting men to speak up and reach out for help and assistance is one of my passions. Us men need to not suffer in silence or drown […]

#JamesDonaldsononMentalHealth – #Suicide Rates Spike In the Spring

Submitted by the Community Health Plan of Washington. Spring is in the air, bringing joy to many Washingtonians, but behind closed doors, some may struggle with thoughts of #suicide. We often associate the gloomy winter months with #depression, but data actually shows that in spring, suicide rates skyrocket, especially among teenagers and the elderly. During […]

#JamesDonaldsononMentalHealth – Help Hard to Find for Teens Struggling with #MentalHealth, Thoughts of #Suicide

Jayne O’Donnell, USA TODAY STORY HIGHLIGHTS Parents, suicidal teens often wait days for inpatient psychiatric beds. The suicide rate for young people ages 10 to 19 rose by 56% from 2007 to 2016 Washington, D.C., is the only place in the U.S. that the psychiatric academy says has the right ratio of child psychiatrists for the population. Milwaukee-area teen […]

#JamesDonaldsononMentalHealth – Teen #Suicide Rates Are Increasing As #MentalHealth Resources Stagnate

By Lindsey Weedston 05/23/19 Nearly 80% of the country has an insufficient supply or a “severe shortage” of child and adolescent psychiatrists. #Suicide rates for people aged 10-19 increased by 56% from 2007 to 2016, according to a recent report by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). […]

#JamesDonaldsononMentalHealth – Man Posts #Suicide Prevention Signs in #Seattle Neighborhood: ‘You Are Worthy of Love’

Click Here to See Video SEATTLE — The month of May is observed for Mental Health Awareness. This may come as a surprise, but the Washington State Department of Health says suicide is the second leading cause of death for young people ages 10 to 24. Thinking about those numbers is upsetting for any parent, […]

#JamesDonaldsononMentalHealth – #MentalIllness and #Suicide Affect All Demographics, But There’s Hope and Help

Paul Andrews and Greg Stewart,    While neither sadness nor anger is ideal for one’s #mentalhealth, a new study published in the journal, Psychology, and Aging found that anger may take a heavier toll on your physical health… In America today, approximately 45 million to 47 million people, or 1 out of 5 Americans, is suffering from […]


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