Ever wish you could talk directly to the candidate who wants to represent you?

James Donaldson here. Your candidate for Mayor of Seattle. I’ve set up a 2nd line that I will be answering myself from now until the primaries on August 3rd. I want to hear from you and you deserve the opportunity to talk to me. Here are the basic guideline to keep in mind: I’ll probably […]

James Donaldson for Mayor of Seattle Voter Pamphlet Information

Here’s a sneak preview of the upcoming Seattle Voter Pamphlet information for you. You’ll see how closely I align with the typical Seattleite. I’m glad that I do, but that’s just me being me all of these years. We did the video shoot last week and it will be available on July 14th for everyone […]

James Donaldson for Mayor of Seattle

On March 4th, I had my official launch of my campaign for Mayor of Seattle. Now more than ever Seattle needs a Mayor who can bring us together, heal a divided city and restore our trust in city government. We need James Donaldson as our next Mayor. James represents the values of compassion, innovation, and […]

#JamesDonaldson on #MentalHealth – Former #WSU #Athlete And #NBA #All-Star Shares Struggle With #MentalHealth

#JamesDonaldson encourages readers to surround themselves with people who love them COURTESY OF JAMES DONALDSON #Donaldson said he wanted to show people that no matter how dark one’s situation gets, it will always get better. ANNA MICHALSON, Evergreen reporter #JamesDonaldson, #WSU alum and #NBA #All-Star, started writing a book last year that focused on his […]

Book Review by Aviva Publishing on James Donaldson’s “Celebrating Your Gift of Life” Book

Order Your Copy Here Celebrating Your Gift of Life: From the Verge of Suicide to a Life of Purpose and Joy James Donaldson Aviva Publishing (2021) ISBN: 978-1-63618-013-7 NBA All-Star Raises Awareness of Mental Health Issues in New Memoir If you’ve never heard of James Donaldson, you should have. Not only is he an NBA […]

James Donaldson Presenting “Celebrating Your Gift of Life”

Here’s a short video of me talking about my upcoming book, “Celebrating Your Gift of Life”. Depression, anxiety, suicides and suicidal ideations are all at an all time high. We need each other more than ever, yet so many of us are alone, especially during the holidays. My book details my ordeal if going through […]

Excerpt from James Donaldson’s Book – Celebrating Your Life: From The Verge Of Suicide To A Life Of Purpose And Joy

Last night, I was on the phone for over an hour with a dear friend of mine who is suicidal. Constantly reminding her that yes, life is indeed worth living, and there is a bright side somewhere. She wants to throw it all away and doesn’t feel that life is worth living anymore. I shared […]

Listen to #JamesDonaldson talking about #MentalHealth on #TheTicket Dallas Sports Radio, KTCK FM 96.7 / 1310 AM. September 30th 2020

I did a radio show last week on #TheTicket Dallas Sports Radio on KTCK FM 96.7 and 1310 AM with host, #NormHitzges. Norm was on of the play by play guys, when I played for the #DallasMavericks, and now he hosts one of the most popular and award winning sports radio shows in the business. […]

James Donaldson Interview with “After ‘Homeschool” featuring Ann Davison Sattler (Pt. 1)

Ann and I are talking about how much Seattle has changed in the 40 years I’ve been here. I’ll be running a short excerpt from our interview, daily for the next several days.

Mayor Durkan: Lead…or get out of the way.

I don’t recognize the city I’ve lived in for 40 years. City Hall has been overrun by hundreds, demanding our mayor be ousted. Capitol Hill has been transformed into a no-police “autonomous zone.” Graffiti has defaced my beloved town’s buildings, its sidewalks, and shops. What has happened to the city on whose Supersonics team I […]

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